New, exciting Bitcoin SV projects announced during CoinGeek Week

The highly anticipated CoinGeek Week conference has drawn to a close and to say that it was a huge success is putting it mildly. The conference attracted a slew of individuals that have been, and will continue to be, the primary driving forces behind the only cryptocurrency adhering to the original Satoshi Vision, as well as a huge crowd determined to help shape the future. There was a lot of ground covered in the short four days allocated to the conference, with some exciting new projects being announced.

Bitstocks is preparing to introduce Gravity, a banking ecosystem for the cryptocurrency community. Gravity is going to offer an array of products—banking accounts, loans, debit cards, over-the-counter trading and more—and will use Bitcoin SV as the supporting cryptocurrency. More about the Gravity project can be found in Bitstocks’ YouTube video.

The developers behind the Centbee wallet have announced a new feature that will be coming soon. It will combine a social network with a wallet, allowing users to send money to their friends while chatting. There is also a merchant software developer’s kit (SDK) in the works, which will allow any merchant to easily integrate Bitcoin SV payments into its point of sale system.

HandCash announced that it is bringing an iOS version of its wallet to market this month. It will also offer HandCash for Apple Watch sometime during the spring of 2019. Developers also discussed CashPort, the system that allows apps and games to connect to HandCash in order to allow users to make micropayments.

The White Company, which offers an array of blockchain and crypto products, has announced that it is adding support for Bitcoin SV. The company offers, among other things, a cryptocurrency debit card and has also teamed up with REM, a blockchain-based rewards company, to allow consumers to earn points when they use The White Card. The card is expected to be released before the end of the year.

A new digital ATM offered by BCB ATM was shown off during CoinGeek Week, as well. While a crypto ATM isn’t exactly news, the fact that the company’s new ATM offers 0-confirmation transactions certainly is something worth a great deal of attention.

One of the more exciting revelations was MetaNet, which was introduced by nChain and Dr. Craig Wright. Metanet is basically one global network that is built on the blockchain. Said Wright, “What we’re going to actually create is a replacement for the Internet. The internet becomes a sidechain. I don’t care how as a peer network you distribute data, I care that you distribute it. If you have HandCash or near-field or IP or private networks or X.25, it’s a value network. The entire global system connected commercially.”

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