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Editorial 22 November 2019

Bitcoin: The hero’s journey

Bitcoin is an archetypal element. It is simultaneously a general purpose tool for the masses while it is also the proverbial Excalibur to be wielded by the new world economy.

Editorial 16 November 2019

Why it took me a few extra months to switch to BSV

BCH had "won" the hash war yet it was BSV ramping up and gaining momentum. Why? BSV had marketing power, resources, good ideas, patents and talented developers... and Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Tech 8 November 2019

The origins of Bitcoin: Genesis

Bitcoin transitioned from a mere whitepaper into something tangible when Satoshi Nakomoto produced what is known as the "Genesis" block of Bitcoin on January 3, 2009.

Business 7 November 2019

The origins of Bitcoin: Satoshi’s Vision

October 31, 2008 will forever hold a special place in the history of Bitcoin, for it was on that date that Satoshi Nakamoto announced the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper.