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Free the Data
Editorial 21 November 2023

Free the data!

Social media CEOs from tech giants like Twitter and Facebook were able to build some of the greatest wealth (and power) in the world's history by selling their users' aggregate data.

Dr Satya Gupta, Dilip Chenoy, and Dr Shiv Kumar on CoinGeek Backstage
Interviews 30 October 2023

India poised to become leaders in Web3 before 2030

In this CoinGeek Backstage episode, Web3 leaders Dr. Satya Gupta, Dilip Chenoy, and Dr. Shiv Kumar discuss India's potential as a global blockchain leader, with a focus on public-private partnerships, GDP growth, and talent development.

Podcast banner of Untangling Web3 Episode 1
Business 21 August 2023

‘Untangling Web3’ podcast #1 recap: A new era

The first episode of "Untangling Web3: A New Era" set the stage for what listeners can expect each week as hosts Jack Davies and Alec Burns examine developments in the "wonderful world of Web3."