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Business 3 February 2021

How @Jack joins Twetch

Recent events suggest that the tech-giant hosted internet is becoming a less friendly place for certain viewpoints, and companies like Twetch have shown how the Bitcoin ledger can serve as their home.

Tech 21 January 2021

Comment sections on Bitcoin

There are Bitcoin SV applications that feature content creation, but all have different means for commenting on content, Joshua Henslee writes.

Business 15 December 2020

How to earn Bitcoin via Twetch

If you are not already on Twetch you will want to sign up for it ASAP, there is no other social media app that lets its users profit by posting or own their own data.

Business 11 September 2020

The CoinGeek Pulse: Episode 12

This week in Bitcoin, lawmakers in the United States introduced a bill that could pave the way for greater research into blockchain.