Latest SVPool News

Business 10 December 2018

Warning: Scam site mimicking

We're sending a warning to people in and out of the crypto industry. There is a website trying to cheat unsuspecting users looking to visit 

Events 22 November 2018

Dr. Craig Wright explains why Bitcoin needs to be stable

At the Bitcoin BCH Miners Choice Summit last November 2, Dr. Craig Wright discussed what Bitcoin was meant to be, and why miners should support the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin by mining with Bitcoin SV and joining SVPool.

Events 15 November 2018

CoinGeek Week shaping up to be a historic event

The CoinGeek Week Conference is the perfect place to hear from thought leaders about the implications of the worlds first Bitcoin Hash War fought according to Nakamoto Consensus.

Tech 12 November 2018

SVPool nears 20% of global BCH hash power

Bitcoin BCH mining pool SVPool holds 19.44% of global Bitcoin BCH hash power as of November 12, second only to the CoinGeek pool holding 29.17%.

Press Releases 6 November 2018

nChain releases statement on protocol upgrade and hash war

nChain has released a public notice intended for cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin cash wallet operators. The company is offering its recommendation on how these companies should handle the hash war and the potential of a BCH split.