Warning: Scam Site mimicking SVPool.com

Warning: Scam site mimicking SVPool.com

We’re sending a warning to people in and out of the crypto industry. There is a website trying to cheat unsuspecting users looking to visit SVPool.com. 

The individual or group is utilizing a common tactic that’s a favourite of spammers and scammers across the internet, they’ve registered a common misspelling and created a duplicate site at SVPool.co. When visitors accidentally type SVPool.co rather than the full .com version of the site, they’re led to a virtually identical looking website encouraging people to sign-up to the fraudulent pool.

When clicking through the dupe site, many of the pages results in a 404 error, and in some cases, it takes you to their registrar’s error page. The site uses SVPool’s genuine social media handles to make things look as authentic as possible. 

We filled out the registration form to gain access to the client area, they are asking for BTC in exchange for SV hashing power, which we assume does not exist.

We’ve used the wallet explorer on Blockchair to determine that no transactions have gone to the listed wallet. We assume that people who are looking for SVPool.com are savvy enough to realize the .co scam.

SVPool proudly runs the Bitcoin SV full node implementation: BSV. If you believe in Bitcoin’s original vision, you believe in Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV is designed to restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable, and enable it to massively scale. 

If you want to join the SVPool or you want to learn more about it, please direct your browser to SVPool.com, register an account and follow the easy instructions contained within.

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