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Business 22 June 2022

Solana liquidations are on the horizon

Solend, the algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana, has been scrambling to mitigate the risks that are present on its platform.

Joshua Henslee
Business 25 May 2022

Bitcoin is CASH, says BSV developer Joshua Henslee

In his recent video, Joshua Henslee talks about how Bitcoin is and always was supposed to be cash, how it should be used, the inefficiency of the current payments system, and the need for Bitcoin.

Unbounded Capital
Business 20 May 2022

Scalability research

The future of blockchain technology belongs to a scalable blockchain—and the only blockchain that has a chance of scaling to meet global demand is Bitcoin SV, according to Unbounded Capital.

Cubes, dice or blocks with acronym DEFI
Business 19 May 2022

It’s all decentralized until someone gets rekt

Many blockchains and digital currencies assert to be “decentralized,” however, its short history has proven this to be demonstrably false, as several incidents have occurred in the past six years proving so.