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El Salvador flag waving
Business 13 January 2023

El Salvador passes controversial digital asset legislation

A bill passed by the El Salvador parliament provides the framework for a BTC-backed bond, “The Volcano Bond,” which President Nayib Bukele hopes will enable the government to raise capital to pay down its sovereign debt.

usdc coin digital
Business 22 December 2022

The economic gamble of digital dollarization

So-called stablecoin Tether continues to spread its pervasive influence over a digital asset industry that is being increasingly embraced with wide arms and closed eyes across large parts of Latin America.

IMF International monetary fund tranche approved
Business 28 January 2022

IMF to El Salvador: Remove BTC as legal tender

The IMF says that El Salvador is at a heightened risk with its financial and market integrity, financial stability, and consumer protection, but President Nayib Bukele is unmoved.

Bitcoin as bait
Editorial 17 December 2021

Shocker: Bitcoin in El Salvador is fake

El Salvador actually signed a deal with the Algorand blockchain to handle their national blockchain infrastructure because BTC and Lightning Network* are both incapable of handling the traffic.

El Salvador, BTC and fascism
Editorial 9 September 2021

El Salvador, BTC and fascism

When it was announced that El Salvador would be using “bitcoin” as legal tender in the third world nation and that businesses would be forced to accept it as payment small blockers jumped for joy, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.