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Golden bitcoin coin and mound of gold bitcoin cryptocurrency business
Business 7 June 2023

Gold/bitcoin, money/currency

Society does not need a new gold, but rather an efficient and proper "currency" to support it—something that would take the role of a subordinate technology.

Human hand giving money to other hand
Editorial 5 October 2022

Directly from one party to another…

You do not make a transaction directly by sending it through multiple hops; once you send a payment to a node, someone else collects from the node.

Central Digital Currency Bank
Editorial 27 September 2022

Bitcoin and CBDC: Co-existence of private money

In the CBDC playbook of nChain, the risks of CBDCs were discussed, especially "loss of privacy," and the BSV blockchain is a handy tool to enhance privacy at scale.

gold and silver coin of bitcoin
Editorial 30 April 2022

The moral sentiments of Bitcoin

The moral sentiments of BTC or BSV or any other digital currencies must be closely measured according to their actual utility, not mere narratives, propaganda, or aspirations.

100 dollar bills in colored and blacka and white images
Editorial 26 February 2022

Money & currency

It is important to make a distinction between “money” and “currency,” not for the sake of semantics but to have a clear way to conceptualize the whole matter.

The origins of Bitcoin: Before Bitcoin
Business 6 November 2019

The origins of Bitcoin: Before Bitcoin

At the dawn of the era of cryptocurrency, money is taking on a new form yet again as more investors, businesses and consumers turn to blockchain payments and technology.