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Business 22 March 2023

Public blockchains—the other option

Public blockchains also provide enterprise solutions despite its issue in scalability, and despite the popularity of private blockchains in businesses, it also has its fair share of woes.

Barry Silbert
Editorial 27 January 2023

Barry Silbert was bullish on Bitcoin BSV—even in 2014

Barry Silbert was bullish on bitcoin in 2014; however, in 2017-2022, he turned to a multi-chain and speculation/trading-based investment strat, leading to one of the major bankruptcies of this bear market.

Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 8 November 2022

Nothing is over!

In 2022, we should be excited about Mastercard running atop of Bitcoin, but we have messed around for too long while letting the lizards steer the ship.