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Joshua Henslee interview on TODO BITCOIN YouTube channel
Interviews 3 February 2024

BSV after COPA: Joshua Henslee shares his thoughts

Regardless of the outcome of the COPA v. Wright trial, Joshua Henslee believes BSV will live on, telling TODO Bitcoin that the counterculture nowadays cares less about patents, cases, and lawsuits.

bitcoin and crypto hologram illustration
Business 22 December 2023

The best Bitcoin insights by Joshua Henslee in 2023

As the Bitcoin and blockchain space continues to develop, Joshua Henslee gives viewers updates and his view of what's to come, and here's a list of some of the most significant developments in 2023.

Jack Liu interview with Joshua Henslee
Business 13 November 2023

Is BSV flipping BTC locked in?

Bitcoin thought leader Joshua Henslee interviewed RelayX Founder Jack Liu and discussed hyperbitcoinization, the recent developments on the BSV blockchain, Hodlocker, and much more.

Joshua Henslee RockWallet review
Business 12 October 2023

RockWallet review: Is it worth trying?

Several wallets have been developed, but RockWallet is a mighty contender when it comes to ease of use, security, and other features, with Joshua Henslee explaining more about this innovation.