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Press Releases 25 May 2022

NFTY Jigs launches public crowdfunding round

NFTY Jigs is the market leader in scalable and cost-efficient NFT transactions. Now the company launches its public crowdfund, which aims to collect $500,000.

Stocks and Shares
Editorial 31 March 2022

Shares 2.0

With Bitcoin and the blockchain, we can create a new form of shares, one that benefits value investors and those who rationally investigate the corporation for the long term.

Unbounded Capital and TAAL
Business 27 September 2021

Why we invested in TAAL

The team at Unbounded Capital dedicated themselves to helping to usher in this new era of a commercial internet, and TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. shares this vision and for the past several years has been taking essential steps to make it a reality.