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Business 2 January 2024

Is Bitcoin decentralized?

While BTC has a higher hash rate that makes it more secure to a hash attack, it does not equate to it being more decentralized due to its lack of scalability and the absence of P2P transactions.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Bitcoin
Tech 29 December 2022

BTC hash power centralization

Industry players behind the BTC software control the hash power, while companies with weak cash positions and low debt suffer, cementing BTC's position as a 'very, very' centralized system.

Plummeting hash rate
Tech 5 July 2021

Plummeting hash rate: The good and bad news

Although the drop in hash rate will have a negative consequence on the digital currency markets in the short term, there are a few positive externalities that will come out of China’s ban on Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin on a computer circuit
Tech 2 December 2020

US emerging as block reward mining powerhouse

Industry watchers have noticed that hashrate emanating from North American has been increasing, eroding the centralized collective market share that Chinese competitors once held.

Editorial 1 May 2020

BTC pump and dump: Whales or Hash?

What role did BTC miners and insiders play in the retreat back into positive price territory? It's an interesting question to consider.

Business 28 February 2020

Bitcoin Halving 2020: What does it mean?

Jon Southurst explains why it's important to understand all the issues surrounding the Bitcoin ‘halvening’, including those unique to this year.