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Paper content creation applicarion
Business 28 March 2023

Start monetizing your content with Paper

One does not have to be a writer to earn with Paper, as curators can earn as well. If curators share an article and customers unlock the content via their link, they earn 5% of the payment real-time.

HandCash Pay logo with phone and laptop
Business 21 November 2022

3 novel use cases for HandCash Pay

HandCash Pay allows users to simply click a link or scan a QR code to pay for goods and services securely online, and HandCash will make a callback to the merchants server after the payment is complete with relevant information.

HandCash Pay
Press Releases 2 November 2022

Introducing HandCash Pay

With HandCash Pay, users can easily generate payment links and QR code payments that can be displayed on any device or shared on social media with an interactive preview.