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Reddit app on a mobile phone
Business 1 hour ago

Reddit to go public, inks AI deal with Google

Reddit's partnership with Google shows its eagerness to harness AI and integrate the tech on its platform, but it may also be a plan to enhance its appeal to investors as it files for an IPO.

Google AI in France
Business 18 February 2024

Google expands AI development with new hub in France

As competition in the global AI sector heats up, Google moves to expand its ambitions in France, confirming plans to set up a research hub and boost collaboration with the French government.

Google logo - BTC coins
Business 30 January 2024

Google okays BTC ETF ads, but will it matter?

Following the announcement of its updated policy last December, Google begins permitting U.S. "crypto" trust issuers to advertise on its platform, but not without the appropriate license.

Data image concept
Editorial 19 January 2024

Help yourself to my data—I don’t want it!

Silicon Valley giants create models that keep them at the competitive edge, even using users' data for ads, but is this enough to present them as bad guys as what fledgling firms make them out to be?