Latest Exploit News

Business 9 February 2021

Blockfolio got hacked

Blockfolio was the victim of a security breach; the attacker gained access to Blockfolio's messaging system and sent out offensive messages.

Business 13 January 2021

Ledger discovers new security breach

Ledger has just discovered a Shopify security breach that led to the theft of 20,000 pieces of Ledger customer identification information.

Business 18 December 2020

DeFi platform Warp.Finance loses $8 million

DeFi lending platform Warp.Finance has been exploited for $7.7 million by way of a flash-loan attack; the attack comes just one week after Warp launched.

Business 16 November 2020

$7.4 million stolen in Value DeFi exploit

DeFi platform 'Value DeFi' has been exploited for $7.4 million via a flashloan attack, shortly after the attack, $2 million was returned to the project.