Latest Exploit News

Door lock over a computer chip board signifying data security.
Business 22 November 2022

DXS app recovers from over 7,500 BSV exploit

The founder of DXS clarifies that the incident in March that led to the capture of 7,579 BSV was not a security breach but a system vulnerability tied to unlawful profit-taking.

Business 9 March 2021

$200 million stolen in 5 days via DeFi

In the last five days, three DeFi exploits have taken place and a total of $200 has been stolen from these projects; here’s how it happened.

Business 9 February 2021

Blockfolio got hacked

Blockfolio was the victim of a security breach; the attacker gained access to Blockfolio's messaging system and sent out offensive messages.

Ledger discovers Shopify breach
Business 13 January 2021

Ledger discovers new security breach

Ledger has just discovered a Shopify security breach that led to the theft of 20,000 pieces of Ledger customer identification information.

Warp Finance exploit
Business 18 December 2020

DeFi platform Warp.Finance loses $8 million

DeFi lending platform Warp.Finance has been exploited for $7.7 million by way of a flash-loan attack; the attack comes just one week after Warp launched.