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Dr. Eva Porras: Transforming the world with Blockchain Smart Technologies

Headquartered in Dubai, Blockchain Smart Technologies prides itself as a global leader in “blockchain distribution.” The company set up shop in Dubai because of the city’s early adoption of blockchain technologies. According to CEO Dr. Eva Porras, this presented an excellent opportunity for the company to provide blockchain solutions across various sectors, starting with a particular project: “What brought us to Dubai specifically was our willingness or interest in helping the airport make better use of their runways,” Eva noted.

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Speaking on this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Eva explained that her role extends beyond Blockchain Smart Technologies as she is also the managing director of SmartLedger. Despite offering similar products and solutions, she clarified that the two companies are separate entities.

“These are two independent businesses, totally independent,” Eva said. Yet, as she points out, most partners are involved in both companies, sharing a common vision and passion for blockchain technology. For Eva, this allows for seamless collaborations on a range of projects and solutions while at the same time, building a robust blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Smart Technologies has developed a variety of consumer-focused apps designed to address specific needs and provide real-world solutions to users.

One of these, TicketMint, offers a service that issues tamper-proof tickets. “The customer is the owner of the event, and we provide the certificate that not only cannot be forged but can also serve various purposes for the event owner,” Eva explained.

Eva and her team took a “horizontal” approach, expanding their solutions across different sectors.

Beginning with TicketMint, they developed various products and services, including wallets and solutions for artists’ intellectual property rights.

Eva’s academic background adds a unique dimension to her role as an entrepreneur. Her two-volume book, “Bubbles and Contagion in Financial Markets,” explores the dynamics of market bubbles, emphasizing the impact of value and contagion on market behavior.

Eva discussed how her academic perspective gives her an advantage in understanding market psychology and activities—particularly those of unscrupulous players in the ‘crypto’ market: “I can see them planning, setting their business to steal money from other people or to run these rumors that will confuse those who are less used to this type of scenario.”

For Eva, the utility of blockchain technology is more important than the speculative price of cryptocurrencies. She highlighted the importance of small token values in promoting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. Smaller token values allow for faster, high-volume transactions, making blockchain technology more efficient.

“I think this is the one technology that is going to allow the next revolution. Without these, there is no revolution,” Eva said.

While some individuals in the BSV blockchain community are hoping for an increased value of its token, Eva believes that the true wealth generated by blockchain technology comes from its utility and transformative power.

“I don’t think they really understand the implications. The value of each token has to be the driver of the value that this token provides to the ecosystem,” Eva noted.

Eva’s vision for the future is to create solutions using blockchain technology. She expressed enthusiasm for projects that can make a profound difference in people’s lives, such as identity verification and solutions for refugee camps. In these areas, Eva sees the potential to simplify and improve the lives of millions.

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