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Mohammad Jaber: My BSV blockchain journey—from counterfeiting to carbon credits

Elas co-founder Mohammad Jaber is carving a unique path in the world of digital consultancy, leveraging blockchain technology to solve complex problems across various sectors. In a recent episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Mohammad shared insights into the Elas approach to business and his journey within the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

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As he tells Charles Miller, “Elas is a digital consultancy company that focuses on building its own proprietary technology, using blockchain to help businesses and governments of all sizes to leverage off this revolutionary technology, to solve problems that they otherwise could not solve with legacy technology.”

One example of Elas’ work revolves around combating counterfeiting in the luxury goods industry. Mohammad explains the collaboration with Ali Beydoun, founder and CEO of Manufact, who approached Elas with an issue. “Manufact facilitates authenticity in the luxury goods market in a way that undeniably gives confidence to all stakeholders in the industry,” Mohammad explains. Elas’ solution not only safeguards brands but also assures consumers of impeccable provenance.

A live demonstration at the London Blockchain Conference showcased how Elas is revolutionizing authenticity verification. While opening a sealed box of Vinyl Cigars, a boutique cigar manufacturer in Los Angeles, Mohammad demonstrated blockchain’s tamper-evident capabilities, coupled with digital twin pairing and the technology’s ability to record events in real-time.

As Mohammad recounts, “We leveraged off the existing hardware and processes and configured it to be able to also interact with the blockchain once a trigger was done, such as opening the box.” This innovation not only enhances transparency but also records supply chain events onto the blockchain for future reference.

For consumers, accessing product information is a breeze. When Charles inquired, “You don’t need any special downloads or anything to make this work?” Mohammad agreed, adding that a simple tap, even before purchase, reveals a wealth of information—production date, country of origin, product details, and supply chain history.

Another noteworthy collaboration involves Tokenovate, a pioneer in voluntary carbon credit derivatives trades. “Tokenovate wanted to revolutionize the entire financial and trading world. They had some very, very ambitious milestones,” Mohammad proudly announces. Elas is executing the first live trade using Bitcoin script and smart contracting on the blockchain—a monumental achievement in the carbon credits trading domain.

Despite the demanding workload, Mohammad is thrilled about Elas’ growth. “We are attracting a lot of interest and engagement. It’s very exciting,” he says.

As for life in the business world, Mohammad says it’s “survival of the fittest.” He acknowledges the challenging times but underscores the importance of providing value and maximizing opportunities.

Furthermore, Elas unveils a groundbreaking offering—a private ledger on the public blockchain. Mohammad explains, “We use the satoshis on the Bitcoin network to create private compartmentalized zones.” This innovation guarantees impeccable provenance, a crucial factor for governments and enterprises seeking unparalleled transparency.

“For certain types of customers, it is a recommendation that we will make,” Mohammad adds, emphasizing the flexibility of this solution across diverse industries.

As an independent company, Elas is always on the lookout for opportunities and like-minded partnerships: “We’re still rolling along, and the future’s looking very bright.”

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