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ipv6 development
Business 29 December 2022

IPv6 and Bitcoin: Developments in 2022

With help from Dr. Craig Wright and Latif Ladid, 2022 has become the year wherein IPv6 is being gradually known and adopted globally, transforming how people and businesses trade and interact.

Sunset over the Malolotja Nature Reserve
Editorial 25 October 2022

Personal philosophy of leadership

Dr. Craig Wright says the original Bitcoin was established to deliver a global database that can act as a source of truth and one that has an economic value.

Bitcoin under rocks
Business 23 March 2022

The vision for Bitcoin

Dr. Craig Wright reveals his vision for Bitcoin in this blog post—he explains how it is set in stone and how it should scale to billions of transactions while maintaining a low price.

Netflix on an imac
Tech 14 December 2021

Streaming services via the Bitcoin protocol

A recent sCrypt article discusses how to facilitate streaming services using the Bitcoin protocol. This is not streaming large movie data on-chain but leverages the incentive and accountability aspects of the protocol and ledger itself.

Editorial 13 September 2021

Bitcoin: The deficient market hypothesis

Many people ask why is BSV so cheap compared to BTC? Such questions are at the heart of the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), a cornerstone of modern finance theory.