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IEEE Forum Highlights
Events 4 November 2022

IEEE Future Networks World Forum highlights

The agenda’s inclusion of blockchain technology was a driver for a number of the professionals and academics in attendance, especially from an enterprise level perspective.

Amsterdam canals
Editorial 9 September 2022

Dope, hope and Bitcoin – A tale of two Amsterdams

In 2014, 10 merchants along one of the canals in the Netherlands decided to accept Bitcoin as the mode of payment from their customers—their street became known as The Bitcoin Boulevard.

Unbounded capital and Handcash logo
Business 8 March 2022

HandCash announces fiat on-ramps

The introduction of fiat on-ramps creates a new opportunity to buy and use Bitcoin directly from the HandCash app, Unbounded Capital’s Jason Ramsay writes.

Netflix on an imac
Tech 14 December 2021

Streaming services via the Bitcoin protocol

A recent sCrypt article discusses how to facilitate streaming services using the Bitcoin protocol. This is not streaming large movie data on-chain but leverages the incentive and accountability aspects of the protocol and ledger itself.

Tech 13 December 2021

Netflix over Bitcoin payment channels

In this post, sCrypt’s Xiaohui Liu demonstrates a cost-efficient way to provide movie streaming and other types of services on demand, based on payment channels.