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Teranode block
Press Releases 22 February 2024

BSV Association begins technical testing of Teranode

The BSV Blockchain Association announced the technical testing on Teranode, the blockchain upgrade that will allow the BSV Blockchain to operate at upwards of 1.1 million transactions per second.

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Tech 7 April 2022

Security, the blockchain, and hashed headers…

Bitcoin uses a binary tree structure to collapse a huge set of transactions into an easily searchable path, which is only necessary when millions or billions of transactions are included in a block.

Editorial 6 April 2022

The library analogy

Bitcoin creator and author Dr. Craig Wright explains the library analogy and how it applies to Bitcoin and related services.

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Business 26 March 2022

Defining scaling

Numerous arguments abound on scaling blockchain-based systems like Bitcoin, but according to author Dr. Craig Wright, the scale or grade represents the transaction volume that the system can handle.

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Editorial 31 January 2022

Run a Bitcoin node, honestly

Bitcoin is a consensus network designed to solve the Byzantine Generals Problem with proof of work. If that sounds insane, sorry. Fortunately, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Tech 9 June 2021

This is what Teranode is about (+50k TPS)

On a day which saw the Demo-Gods’ smile upon him, Steve Shadders was able to demonstrate a 4-cluster Teranode process over 50,000 txn/s before the latency delay rose above 100ms.