Latest Bitcoin civil war News

Editorial 25 March 2021

Nobody is attacking Craig Wright

After we have witnessed years of harassment against Dr. Craig Wright, it might be time to wake up to the fact that actually nobody is attacking him, Dr. Michael Wehrmann writes.

Editorial 19 January 2021

Elysium vs Galt’s Gulch

There is a very real distinction between the worldviews of the small blockers versus that of the big blockers, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Editorial 28 December 2020

Get rekt, stay poor

By creating fundamental economic value and disrupting existing players in the data, finance or settlement economies, the purchasing power of Bitcoin SV “coins” should steadily increase, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Tech 25 November 2020

Ethereum 2.0: Still not scalable

Ethereum filled the role of a parenthetical era in Bitcoin’s history, but has been made obsolete, and that is why Ethereum 2.0 has been in the works for years now.

Editorial 19 November 2020

Kurt’s personal blog. An announcement

Kurt Wuckert Jr. shares his thoughts on the current state of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and why he feels the call to help right the wrongs of Bitcoin.

Business 12 November 2020

Hash war history

After a brutal series of battles in the Bitcoin Civil War, BTC remains unscalable, BCH appears to be ready to split again, and BSV continues to be mined with an open source protocol, no software-enforced block size limit, and an ever-growing absorption of new businesses and use cases.

Events 2 October 2020

CoinGeek Live: The Fireside Chat

On Day 2 of CoinGeek Live, Dr. Craig Wright appeared live from London to answer questions and close the day with the challenge to “be strong.”