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Barry Silbert
Editorial 27 January 2023

Barry Silbert was bullish on Bitcoin BSV—even in 2014

Barry Silbert was bullish on bitcoin in 2014; however, in 2017-2022, he turned to a multi-chain and speculation/trading-based investment strat, leading to one of the major bankruptcies of this bear market.

Bitcoin Independence
Editorial 15 November 2022

Hash war revisited

The story of the BSV/BCH hash war is a brutal chapter in Bitcoin, and it laid the groundwork for much of what has transpired since, but that story has been told a few times.

Kurt Wuckert Jr with background of Wooden mallet of judge
Editorial 17 August 2022

BSV Claims Ltd: A personal story

Predatory financial and social engineers have engaged in a proxy war for the heart and soul of Bitcoin by controlling the puppet strings and cash flows behind closed doors to reward the willing and punish the loyalists in the Bitcoin Civil War.

Abstract dark neon background with bitcoin, dynamic lines, lightning. Modern design, cryptocurrency.
Editorial 6 April 2022

Bitcoin and the osmosis of war

This is the osmosis of war: BSV want to win against BTC, ETH, and other digital assets, but by doing so, it may end up becoming like them or even worse.

Cooperate or compete?
Editorial 1 October 2021

Cooperate or compete?

With the protocol wars complete (and BSV handily ahead of the pack), the competition has moved up to business application and service level competition, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.