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Business 1 April 2021

Tether is still lying to you

Tether is becoming an artisan at promising to provide an audit showing that its stablecoin is fully backed and then doing everything in its power to avoid exactly that.

Business 31 January 2019

Crypto exchange Gemini passes Deloitte security audit

Gemini has announced it has passed an independent security compliance audit by Deloitte, in a development the company is hailing as a “world’s first for a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian.”

Business 25 July 2018

Tezos taps PwC as firm’s independent external auditor

In an attempt to regain some footing and possibly some of the public trust it has lost, Tezos entered a deal with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which will “act as the external auditor for the Foundation’s finances and operations.”