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Interviews 8 December 2020

CoinGeek Backstage: Philip Runyan and Dr. Robert Huber

In this episode, Kurt Wuckert Jr. interviews the managing partner of Veridat Philip Runyan, while Patrick Thompson had the chance to chat with the CEO and founder of Juvatech, Dr. Robert Huber.

Interviews 7 December 2020

Jimmy Nguyen talks Bitcoin on Fox Business

The Bitcoin Association founding president was a guest on Varney & Co., and the discussion revolved around the current price of BTC, and whether BTC is more like a currency or store of value like gold is.

Interviews 3 December 2020

Dave Mullen-Muhr: There is just so much opportunity

On this week’s episode of Coingeek Conversations, Charles Miller talks to Dave about the Unbounded brand and the book he co-authored with his business partner, Jackson Laskey, How Bitcoin SV Will Win.

Interviews 24 November 2020

CoinGeek Backstage: Jimmy Nguyen and George Gilder

In the first episode of CoinGeek Backstage, Kurt Wuckert Jr. sits down with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, while Patrick Thompson interviews tech visionary George Gilder.

Interviews 24 November 2020

Peacocks matter

With nothing but a peacock, Attila Aros let the world know that Matterpool had won the beauty contest occurring at block height 661910.