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Marcin Zarakowski on CoinGeek Backstage: Gaming is a perfect insight into BSV’s efficiency

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Poland is one of the world’s prominent gaming hubs, with over 500 game development studios in the country, around 50 of which are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This accomplished gaming ecosystem was one of the key reasons the BSV Blockchain Association chose Warsaw to host the Blockchain 4 Gaming event in June. As Marcin Zarakowski told CoinGeek Backstage, gaming offers the perfect insight into the industry-leading efficiency that Bitcoin SV’s massively scaling blockchain offers. 

Marcin, the general counsel and chief of staff at the BSV Blockchain Association, was born in Poland and lived in Warsaw before moving to Switzerland. He moderated the event and gave a presentation on why BSV is the best choice for micropayments and NFTs, as well as the new opportunities and business models that come with a very cheap and real-time blockchain network.

Speaking to CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero on the sidelines of the event, Zarakowski revealed that the event was the culmination of the BSV Blockchain Association’s efforts to target Poland and its gaming ecosystem. It started when it hired a technical outreach specialist targeting the region in January this year. 

“We wanted to focus on something where BSV is really strong and we’re also really attracted to the Polish audience. BSV is really strong in the play-to-earn games,” he commented.

Poland is home to some of the leading global gaming development studios. They include CD Projekt Red, the powerhouse behind The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077

At the event, attendees were introduced to some of the leading games in the BSV ecosystem, including Haste Arcade and PowChess. They were also assisted with opening a HandCash wallet which they could use to access the games. 

Zarakowski believes that giving the people a hands-on experience of the power of P2E gaming is the best way to win them over to BSV.

“This is the best example of how you can use our blockchain. People actually felt how fast BSV is, and how cheap it is,” he stated. 

The Blockchain 4 Gaming event preceded CoinGeek Bitcade, which took place later that day. At the Bitcade, the focus was more on allowing the attendees to enjoy the games and even compete amongst themselves as well as networking.

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