Blockchain 4 Gaming: Post-event announcement

BSV successfully hosted Blockchain 4 Gaming conference in Warsaw

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Zug, Switzerland – June 10, 2022 The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the BSV blockchain and digital currency, has successfully concluded the Blockchain 4 Gaming Event in Warsaw on the 7th of June in partnership with the Polish Blockchain Association and the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association.

The event happened at the ESPORT SPOT in Warsaw and consisted of interesting talks and demonstrations of Polish and international entrepreneurs that develop games, platforms or infrastructure in the gaming industry. Bitcoin SV meetup along with the Bitcade, organised by CoinGeek, also took place afterwards. Both events attracted altogether about 200 participants and promoted engagement with the BSV Blockchain and apps and platforms built on it.

The event was opened and moderated by Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel & Chief of Staff, Bitcoin Association for BSV. He talked about the BSV blockchain as the best choice for micropayments and NFTs and how it creates new opportunities for gaming platforms.

The event had many highlights. One of them was a presentation by Rafa Jiménez, CTO of Handcash, about the Handcash wallet and how it provides basic infrastructure for game developers as well as easy and fast internet payments for users.

Another highlight was the presentation of PowChess by its Co-Founders Gal Buki and Alexei Torgashov. In-between discussing the design and features of PowChess, Alexei Torgashov challenged the attendees to a Blitz game (one-minute) of chess and thus gave one of the audience members the opportunity to win $200 in BSV in PowChess’s stake mode.

An insightful presentation came from Piotr Zielonka, Senior Analyst at Santander Bank Poland, who talked about the topic complex of blockchain, gaming and the metaverse from the perspective of institutional investment.

Marcin Rzetecki, Technical Outreach Specialist at Bitcoin Association for BSV and Blockchain Consultant for Polish Blockchain Association, drew the following conclusion about the event:

‘Our event has been a success. Warsaw and Poland have a lot to offer when it comes to emerging technologies. The BSV Blockchain is unique in its scaling capabilities. Our event showcased its empowering capabilities in the gaming industry and beyond.’

Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel & Chief of Staff, Bitcoin Association for BSV commented:

‘Having lived for many years in Warsaw, I am happy that we could represent BSV Blockchain here. We have attracted many Polish players and professionals with a background in game development, emerging technologies and finance. The feedback for our event has been across the board positive.’

The following after-event Bitcade organized by CoinGeek sparked just as much interest. The event was attended by locals interested in both gaming and blockchain. Participants who were eager to try their luck with the arcade games had the chance to win two times $250.

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