Evan Freeman on Digital Nigeria

Digital Nigeria: BSV Blockchain Association’s Evan Freeman talks building the future via blockchain education

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” according to Malcolm X. At the Digital Nigeria International Conference, Evan Freeman echoed these words as he delved into how educating the masses about blockchain is the critical first step towards building an inclusive economy for Africa.

With over 200 million citizens and an economy almost wholly reliant on oil exports, there’s no shortage of challenges for Nigerians. However, Freeman pointed out that this also makes Nigerian entrepreneurs the most adept at solving challenges.

With blockchain, Nigerians can take one more step toward building an inclusive economy, providing jobs, eradicating corruption, and building wealth for its people, said Freeman.

As the BSV Blockchain Association Director of Education, Freeman has spearheaded several initiatives and programs that have imparted blockchain skills to hundreds of thousands. He led a program in Nigeria that enrolled 60,000 participants in its first cohort. He revealed that the second cohort is set to start in the near future and called on all interested parties to apply.

A vital goal of blockchain education programs is to enable participants to make the right decisions when selecting the network to build on. Stability, scalability, and low costs are the key considerations, Freeman added.

Only the BSV blockchain meets all these requirements. Developers can build applications that offer safe and instantaneous payments, creating new opportunities for the marginalized. Beyond payments, BSV blockchain offers secure on-chain data storage that’s accurate, verifiable, accessible and transparent.

Freeman concluded in a rallying call for Nigerians to build together for a better future:

“Let’s work together to build the future and be successful together. Competing as one is when we’ll do the most good. Start now, start small, and grow to meet the needs of Nigeria and globally. No challenge is too great with a positive mentality and getting started today.”

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