Jon Southurst on Block Dojo-BSV Blockchain Association's Spring Party

Block Dojo-BSV Blockchain Association’s Spring Party kicks off London Blockchain Conference 2023 in style

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Conferences are great; conferences showcasing BSV blockchain startups are even greater. But what completes the experience is the side events and parties surrounding them, giving everyone a chance to meet up and talk about their work in a more relaxed setting. On the eve of the London Blockchain Conference 2023, the city’s Block Dojo incubator and the BSV Blockchain Association threw a Spring Party full of energy as attendees revved up for the next three days. CoinGeek was there too, and here are some of the highlights from the night.

Did you miss the party? Were you there and want to re-live it? Check out our video where we spoke to some happy blockchainers (and see if you can spot yourselves in the background).

Is BSV and blockchain… fun?

“I think we can still have fun,” says BSV Blockchain Association’s Brett Banfe when asked if the BSV blockchain industry was all about business and too serious compared to blockchain parties of years past. “Bitcoin inspires us to be more authentic with each other, to be truer to who we are.”

James Marchant, Block Dojo’s executive chairman and one of the party’s main hosts, told CoinGeek how happy he was to see these events happening in London at last:

“We’re the local hosts. The Block Dojo has been going here for almost two years now, and finally we’ve convinced the powers that be to bring the conference to London. It makes sense that, alongside the Bitcoin Association, we partnered together and hosted a bit of a gathering ahead of the conference.”

And as Marchant said back in May, “It’s not an accident that the first Block Dojo was launched in London.” That said, the Dojo is looking to build on its U.K. success by expanding into other regions of the world as well, possibly Dubai, the Philippines, and Japan.

Who are the startups?

CoinGeek also caught up with past and current participants in the Block Dojo’s startup program, including Sefi Carmel of music discovery and licensing company SphereTrax, and Tim Malik of CombatIQ, which records betting on the blockchain to increase trust and honesty in the combat sports gambling industry.

Combat IQ and Spheretrax participated in Block Dojo’s second “cohort” (the name it gives to groups of startups in each of its 12-week programs) in mid-2022. Both companies are now out there in the real world, selling their products to real customers.

They’re just two examples of Block Dojo’s work and examples of BSV blockchain’s diversity of utility. It’s all about data and automation, recording digital information in a way that keeps records secure and unchangeable while keeping everything open enough to interact with external systems. The BSV blockchain can be used for almost any purpose and in any field—so whomever you talk to at a blockchain conference like this will have a completely different story to tell you.

The highlights video is just a small selection of original ideas presented by talented people, and the three days of the London Blockchain Conference 2023 that followed the party saw hundreds more stories like these.

The BSV Blockchain Association’s global team of Ambassadors, spread in various countries and regions around the world, are always looking for new opportunities to demonstrate BSV blockchain’s capabilities—they’re always looking for new ways to boost BSV blockchain businesses and help them get off the ground, which includes identifying essential growth areas and groups to engage in lobbying efforts.

Watch: Meet the new cohort of Block Dojo entrepreneurs

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