Jimmy Nguyen’s CoinGeek Seoul message: It’s time to build

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CoinGeek Seoul has wrapped up, and it was as special event, with plenty of big announcements and new possibilities being rolled out for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower caught up with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen at the close of the vent, and asked him his thoughts on how the event went.

“You know, it was really amazing,” he told Tower. “I describe Seoul as electric. The city itself, but I think this conference, there was a lot of electricity tingling around, just with the excitement about BSV.”


Nguyen wanted to talk right away about some of the big moments of the conference. Yesterday was great … with all of the technical advancements discussed on day 1,” he began. “BSV today [day 2] was more speeches about great new business models and project, and some really surprising things. I can see kind of this like, wow factor, with a lot of people realizing, ‘I didn’t realize you could use Bitcoin for that business purpose!’”

Tower didn’t have to press Nguyen for examples, he was ready to let them spill without prompting:

For example, the Weather data, WeatherSV’s founder spoke, and people think, ‘Oh, WeatherSV is just this application where people pay to upload weather data to a channel. Well what do you do with that?’ And he demonstrated some really great examples of how you turn that into a business and monetization case.

Pixel Wallet, which people thought is just a mobile wallet where you can send Bitcoin embedded in a picture, coming out with explaining a whole image based identity system, including facial recognition technology, all being developed on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Tower asked Nguyen what he wanted people to take away from the conference. “It’s exactly the theme I use for the conference, throughout and to open and close: It’s time to build,” he replied. “We are restoring the Bitcoin protocol to its original Satoshi design. That will be completed as close as possible by the Genesis upgrade in February 2020. We’ve already demonstrated the network can have massive scaling capability, can handle very large blocks, and much higher volumes of transactions.”

To demonstrate how ready BSV is for developer attention, he compared it to BTC, which has been limited by its inability to scale. “You know, 800,000+ individual transactions in a single block, you know, you can’t do that,” he mused. “That’s like the entire BTC networks transactions in the whole day in one block in the Bitcoin SV network. So we are scaling to be the global enterprise ledger for all uses, and that’s the responsibility nChain’s team, with the Bitcoin SV Node team, takes to lay down that technical infrastructure to lay down the highway for everyone else to use.”

Nguyen ended his recap of the conference by once again putting out his call to action, inviting users, developers and enterprises to start building on BSV. “Many companies are doing it, such as ONEstore the Korean, really top mobile app service, one of the top ones here, announcing an amazing music content delivery platform, Buskon, to be built on Bitcoin SV, to be launching soon in South Korea,” he noted. “It’s an exciting time, so that’s my simple message. Bitcoin is back in its original design with Bitcoin SV, BSV, so everybody, it’s time to build. That’s the only thing that matters at the end of the day.”

But there will be future CoinGeek conferences, and Tower asked Nguyen where and when we can expect to find the next one. “So CoinGeek is coming back to London in February 2020, we don’t have the exact dates locked down yet, but we will soon, we will announce them, it will be after the Genesis upgrade which is set for February 4, 2020,” he announced. “And within about a week or two after that, we’ll convene in London, for CoinGeek London, and a very special one to celebrate Genesis, rebirth of the original Bitcoin.”

YouTube video

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