Fundstrat: Bitcoin SV ‘unique vision’ focuses on diverse business applications

Fundstrat Global Advisors, the market research firm co-founded by leading Wall Street strategist Thomas Lee, has released another report about Bitcoin SV. After two prior reports, this latest analysis focuses on the Bitcoin SV ecosystem’s “laser focus” on building enterprise-tier data processing and business use cases. It presents profiles for 11 companies in the space, and recognizes Bitcoin SV’s “unique vision” to create a better internet where data and value interact seamlessly with Bitcoin micropayments.

Fundstrat made the full report, titled “CRYPTO SPECIAL REPORT: BSV – Business Use Cases of the Bitcoin SV Blockchain,” available to its clients two weeks ago, and released a public summary of the report this week.

Bitcoin SV has a growing ecosystem of over 320 known companies and services, it read. Highlighting eleven companies using the blockchain in different ways, the report reflects how Bitcoin SV’s bigger vision for Bitcoin can benefit enterprises in ways investors might not have been aware previously. It also profiled nChain and TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC:TAALF) to show the level of development and infrastructure support backing the BSV ecosystem. 

The report’s first-page summary highlighted BSV as “enabling the next evolution of internet businesses” by providing opportunity for new business models, solving payment frictions, and re-engineering trust models. However, it was Bitcoin SV’s “unique vision and differentiated blockchain technology approach” and vision for the Metanet as being key points. A new, more commercial Internet for users, the Metanet provides for monetization of all user online activity, realistic micropayments, and also secure storage for personal and business data. This unlocks novel applications and enables Internet business model innovations, it said.

Fundstrat added that Bitcoin SV’s scaling goals aren’t mere promises, but are backed by real network statistics. The stats also showed that the BSV network has been able to maintain transaction processing fees as low as 1/100 of a cent at times, and stress tests had proven its ability to process huge blocks (by today’s blockchain standards) containing up to 1.3 million individual transactions, without any problems.

The report’s “bottom line” said BSV “has moved from the idea phase to the implementation phase” and that applications were already being deployed. That said, growing Proofs of Concept and gaining enterprise traction would be necessary for others to notice Bitcoin SV’s potential.

BSV is based around its “four pillars” of stability, scalability, security and safe instant transactions. A commitment to not change any base protocol rules creates a more stable platform for application developers, and a public ledger makes transaction history auditable, verifiable and thus more honest.  

Bitcoin SV case studies: using the blockchain in new ways

In addition to nChain and TAAL, Fundstrat profiled nine additional businesses building applications on the Bitcoin blockchain, all of which are exploring different benefits to each other. They are: EHR Data (healthcare); UNISOT (supply chain management); MetaStreme (big data, IoT); BitBoss (gaming/gambling); Kronoverse (online games, eSports); Maxthon (browsers); TonicPow (marketing); Codugh (development); and The Bayesian Group (fintech/investments).

All these companies, through their business models, highlighted different aspects of Bitcoin SV to benefit their business. Some needed fast payments while others looked primarily at storing data, while others utilized micropayments to pay users and create new ways for those users to make money.

In profiling nChain and TAAL, the report reflects the professional level of support that backs BSV, for research and development in nChain’s case, to infrastructure and hardware support for TAAL. Rather than being built and supported by loosely organized and unpredictable developers, both companies are transparent in their goals and have highly-skilled teams with solid experience in their fields.

Fundstrat’s Managing Partner and Head of Research Thomas Lee presented a keynote speech at the CoinGeek London conference back in February 2020. Since then, many of the companies that presented alongside him at that conference have grown their projects and pushed ahead with plans despite deteriorating economic conditions around the world.

The idea that Bitcoin’s protocol—in the form of Bitcoin SV—can be data infrastructure for the entire world may still be new to most people, but this grand vision also presents a vast set of new opportunities rarely seen in technology. Developers, enterprises, and investors alike have a chance to come onboard at these early stages with greater potential to reap rewards later on, as the Bitcoin SV network and business uses cases grow much bigger.

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