Fundstrat’s Thomas J. Lee discusses BSV and halvening at CoinGeek London

YouTube video

The CoinGeek Conference in London has been widely hailed a success, bringing developers from around the world together under one roof to learn, share knowledge and network with the wider Bitcoin SV (BSV) developer community.

Amongst a jampacked schedule of speakers, workshops and networking opportunities, Thomas J. Lee, managing partner and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, spoke to CoinGeek about BSV’s characteristics that piqued his interest.

“I think there are some really unique features that make BSV something that we want to pay attention to. One is really the high throughput for large block sizes,” he said. (24:35) “It really does seem to be a burgeoning community as well for something that’s really been in the marketplace for about a year.”

Making a nod to other blockchains, Lee said digital currency doesn’t have to be about stored value and slow blocks—there’s going to be “many winners,” which is why Fundstrat wants “to pay attention to a lot of projects.” (24:50)

Asked on the upcoming Bitcoin halvening, where mining rewards are set to half, Lee said he expects prices to respond accordingly. Pointing to the expected restriction in supply, Lee said it was inevitable that prices would rise following the event, with demand for digital currency set to remain strong despite throttled supply. (25:06)

Pointing towards the future, Lee said Bitcoin needs wider adoption, particularly among institutional investors, who are becoming increasingly drawn to its capabilities.

“We want to see wider adoption, especially large, traditional institutions start to use crypto, and we want to see a broader holder set, you know, both more retail investors are owning cryptocurrencies, but also we expect more financial institutions start to use it as nascent class,” he said. (25:44)

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