DotCamp for BSV China event all set

Fuzhou City in China is set to host DotCamp for BSV this weekend, an event designed to advance the development of the BSV community in the country. The event is being held by the Bitcoin Association and leading Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet DotWallet, with CoinGeek the official media partner. DotCamp runs January 4-5 at the Hilton Hotel in Fuzhou City.

Attendees can learn from the technical expertise of keynote speakers, to develop a better understanding of the latest technologies and innovations in BSV. The event will also provide an opportunity for developers to network and share ideas, with the aim of inspiring broader cooperation in developing the local BSV ecosystem.

The event follows on from inaugural BSV China Roadtrip, which included a visit to Tsinghua University, the first BSV conference in Beijing for developers exploring applications and use cases of BSV, and panels at the T-EDGE tech conference.

In an interview with CoinGeek, DotWallet founder Lin Zheming described the event as an ideal opportunity for developers in China to share ideas and inspire new projects.

“DotWallet is a leading Bitcoin SV wallet, currently has over 300,000 registered users. We’re proud to organize the first DotCamp for BSV with Bitcoin Association, this is what I’ve expected for a year, and now it’s the time. Thanks to Craig and Jimmy’s visit to China last month, more businesses are paying attention on Bitcoin technology. We all know during the past decade, many brilliant ideas were generated on Bitcoin but unable to be realized, now they can all be revived on the Bitcoin SV chain which fulfills the Bitcoin’s original vision by Satoshi Nakamoto.”

He added, “I believe DotCamp can be the perfect occasion for local developers and companies to exchange their ideas and inspire innovation, find opportunities in this new field. We also invite some other wallet service providers to this event, I believe they with DotWallet will help developers and companies utilize Bitcoin SV much easier than before.”

Lise Li, China Manager of the Bitcoin Association, said the event was helping inspire the next generation of developers to build on BSV.

“Lin is a great entrepreneur and Bitcoin Association’s China Ambassador who’s a strong believer in BSV from the very beginning. He keeps advocating Bitcoin technology across the country and has contributed a lot to the BSV ecosystem,” she told us. “As we can see, China’s BSV developer community is quite active and we have so many smart and diligent developers who have great knowledge of Bitcoin and eager to spread this new technology to the outside world.”

“I believe by organizing developer events regularly and by promoting collaboration, more developers and business can be attracted into the Bitcoin world. More sparks of creative ideas can be turned into projects, and some projects can work together to provide practical solutions for business, which will lead to more utilities on BSV. That’s exactly Bitcoin Association’s mission, to advance BSV ecosystem in the right way!” 

To learn more about the DotCamp for BSV event, click here (in Chinese).

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