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Press Releases 9 March 2022

DotWallet for Developers adds fiat payment

Even without the knowledge of blockchain, traditional developers can enjoy easy access to the interfaces of DotWallet For Developers platform and one to one support services.

Press Releases 14 June 2021

Stronger Together! DotWallet is the First to Fully Support sCrypt Smart Contracts

Following the Badge service, the platform “DotWallet for Developers”and sCrypt are working together again! It is aimed to enable developers to build Dapps based on sCrypt easily and make interactions with DotWallet available for them through the new API , lightening the load for developers so that they can build superior Dapps.

Business 11 June 2021

CoinGeek Zurich: BSV blockchain as a service

The term “as a service” is meant to recognize the range of products and tools which are delivered to users via the internet, rather than, for example, using on-premise hardware or locally stored software.

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Press Releases 20 April 2021

New Function: Asset Trading Has Been Online on the “Cards” of DotWallet

DotWallet has ushered in a major upgrade after the launch of Badge! That is to say, the functions of "Cards" and "Trading Assets" are officially available to the public. It allows the ordering party to customize their orders and publish "buy/sell orders" to the trading market.