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Dave Mullen-Muhr talks launching NFTY Jigs and Duro Dogs on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

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Unbounded Capital co-founder Dave Mullen-Muhr is a long-time investor who says launching NFTY Jigs and Duro Dogs has helped him become a better proprietor. As he tells Kurt Wuckert Jr. on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, games as a use case is a critical mass forming on BSV. He hopes the NFTY Jigs platform for building games and other apps that use an NFT-based authentication system will provide developers with the proper tools to build applications for end-users and enterprises. 

“NFTs as avatars or items or settings or animations or all sorts of things in games are kind of a very ripe use case. So we’re building the platform to help developers create games and use our tools and are interoperable with,” Dave says.

To demonstrate what NFTY Jigs can do, Dave’s team created an NFT pet game called Duro Dogs. Users can start playing the game for free by logging into their HandCash wallet. As Dave explains, all dogs and digital items are RUN tokens. Dave implies that merging RUN and HandCash—both portfolio companies under Dave’s investment firm—is bound to provide people with a great user experience.

“We want to appeal to the large market of gamers, which is, you know, billions large. We’re not really trying to focus on the crypto space. So to do that, you need like a really good user experience, something that’s comparable to what they experience with normal non-crypto games,” he explains.

Dave likens Duro Dogs to a popular 90s game called Tamagotchi, where users look after a digital pet on a handheld device. But unlike the Tamagotchi, every Duro Dog digital pet is an NFT and can level up as it learns new skills and owns more assets.

Dave is also keen to point out the many fun ways users can obtain digital items without spending money on a purchase. For instance, users can earn treats that double as in-game currency and can be used to purchase digital goods. Acquiring items through digging is another option, Dave says. In fact, digging has emerged as one of the most widely used actions in the game thus far.

“We didn’t design it that way. You can dig to find rare items that are buried underground, there’s been over a million digs since launch. People are digging like crazy,” Dave remarks.

To push the envelope further, Dave and his team will launch a new competitive game that will allow users to take their Duro Dogs across platforms. Dave says this type of interoperability demonstrates the ability of third-party developers to enable their users to take an item from one game to another without losing its value.

“You still have this consistency of okay, this is my dog spot and he’s a Level 10 dog and he has this hat and that’s kind of consistent in across games,” he states.

Dave’s concept behind the metaverse is the ability to move digital items around seamlessly as you do with a physical item in the real world. For his part, users should be able to utilize their digital goods thoroughly.

“I’m going to amplify its utility. Just like recreating that [physical item] in the virtual digital space,” he notes.

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