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NFTY Jigs: Unbounded Enterprise enters world of non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently one of the hottest topics across blockchain and digital currency networks; however, they are still in their early days and finding their fit in the market. On some blockchain networks, we have seen individuals use NFTs to create digital art collectible, on other networks like BSV, some individuals, like Unbounded Enterprise, would like to use NFTs to create customizable one-of-a-kind items.

We had the chance to catch up with Jackson Laskey, the CEO and co-founder of Unbounded Enterprise, to learn more about the upcoming launch of NFTY Jigs.

What are NFTY Jigs?

NFTY Jigs are NFTs that come blank except for a unique serial number. That serial number is sort of like a Twetch or Money Button ID—it’s incremental based on the issue order. The first Jig created will be #0, and the millionth will be #999,999.

The fun answer is that NFTY Jigs are a platform for building games and other apps using an NFT-based authentication system. NFTY Jigs are sort of like rights within a game. Games extend NFTY Jigs to give them rights based on the serial number within the game. 

A deck building game would give the NFTY Jig holder the right to use a certain card, as an easy example. If the Jig is transferred or sold, those rights are transferred as well. It’s fun because hundreds of different games could utilize the Jigs differently, meaning that one Jig gives the owner hundreds of different rights within each of those attached games.

How do you imagine NFTY Jigs being used?

The easy answer is games. Any game centered around digital property is a great fit. Deck building games like Magic the Gathering, passive games like Farmville, digital pet games like Neopets (throwback), or fighting games that involve the use of weapons. Creativity is really the only limit since Jigs can be programmed to do anything using the RUN protocol.

If NFTY Jigs is successful, I think they could be used for other types of corporate promotions or activities. They act as a built in lottery system where you can access a bunch of users at once. For example, McDonald’s could issue promotional nuggets to Jig holders with Jigs that have a serial number ending in #000.

What gave the Unbounded Labs team the idea to create NFTY Jigs?

NFTY Jigs is an idea that preceded Unbounded Enterprise. I came up with the idea brainstorming use cases for RUN in early 2020. It has been on our roadmap for some time, but it became clear that the timing would be right a couple of months ago as tokens on BSV began to mature.

How did you choose the name NFTY Jigs (I pronounce it like ‘nifty,’ is that right)?

[You are pronouncing it correctly!]  NFTY like nifty. NFTY comes from the basis in NFTs. Jigs are the fundamental building block in the RUN protocol, which is the foundation of NFTY Jigs. We put them together and liked the sound of it.

Why did you decide to build on the RUN Network over the other token protocols?

I’ve always felt that RUN was the best token protocol for gaming because it is totally flexible, it uses Javascript and it scales well. FYX clearly agrees, and the ecosystem seems to be rallying around RUN as the preferred token protocol for a number of verticals. I still think other token protocols have unique strengths and will continue to be used. Tokenized, for example, is extremely well suited for tokenized securities and other forms of regulated commercial record keeping, a giant market with unique needs. For general purpose tokens, I think RUN will dominate.

What is Hash War?

Hash War is a Bitcoin Mining/Black Hat Hacker themed deck-building game. Elements of it will be familiar for Bitcoin historians such as the ability to win by bankrupting one’s opponent. As I mentioned before, we’ve had the basic NFTY Jigs concept for a while, but we knew we needed a game to go with it in order to bring in users and demonstrate the concept to other developers. We are extremely excited about Hash War’s potential as a game in its own right. We are playing it on paper now and it is pretty awesome. We could have chosen something simpler, but we think the effort will be worthwhile.

What is your goal for NFTY Jigs? At what point in time/what needs to happen for the team to consider NFTY Jigs a success?

We’d consider NFTY Jigs a success if 1,000 apps were using it. I think if we get to 100 apps, we will get to 1,000, but it won’t be easy to get to 100, let alone 1 which will require a lot of work from our team. In order to reach our goal, we need to make it extremely easy to build a game using NFTY Jigs. The UX has to be clean and fast. Gamers who aren’t heavily invested in BSV aren’t going to have patience for a slow game or a difficult setup. 

The challenges of delivering a good NFTY Jigs product are highly extensible. It is all about interoperability—interoperability of the Jigs themselves and also allowing games to interoperate through the Jigs. Even if NFTY Jigs doesn’t ultimately succeed, if our team can build generalizable infrastructure to support application interoperability, we would consider that a success as well.

How to get NFTY Jigs

Unbounded Enterprise will be hosting a pre-sale for NFTY Jigs beginning on March 25th at 12 pm EST. 

“Presales aren’t common in the BSV space, but it was a no-brainer for our team. A presale will accelerate NFTY Jigs development in a number of important ways,” Laskey said. “Beyond resources that will go directly to developing NFTY Jigs and Hash War, the presale let’s us signal to other game developers that there is a real user base worth building for far earlier in the process. Also, we plan to involve the NFTY Jig community along the way to help us make Hash War as awesome as possible. A presale is a great way to get creative people involved in what we are building. We want to demonstrate the power of Bitcoin as early and as often as possible. The presale will help us do so.”

Individuals will be able to buy NFTY Jigs with both cash and digital currency, and will receive a 5% discount if they purchase in BSV. NFTY Jigs will be sold in six tiers based on the serial number of the jig, you can learn more about the tier structure and its pricing, as well as read the NFTY Jigs and HashWar whitepaper, by heading over to the NFTY Jigs website.

The token boom is well underway, but we have not seen nearly as much activity in the NFT space. It has become easy to create NFTs on BSV, however, the race to successfully release them into the wild and find implementations for NFTs is ongoing; but Unbounded Enterprise is looking to make a mark and become a leader in that space with NFTY Jigs.

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