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Jackson Laskey on CoinGeek Backstage: NFTY Jigs supercharges digital goods for games

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In this episode of the CoinGeek Backstage, host Patrick Thompson interviewed Jackson Laskey, the co-founder and CEO of Unbounded Enterprise, the man behind Duro Dogs, and the NFTY Jigs platform.

Unbounded Enterprise is building NFTY Jigs, a new kind of platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that focuses on the creation and management of digital goods for the open metaverse. It is a platform for building games and other apps using an NFT authentication system that gives creators the rights based on the serial number within the game.

“We’re building a platform called NFTY Jigs, which supercharges digital goods for games. With [NFTY Jigs], we can create goods that not only are NFTs that can be transported from game to game but use micropayments that BSV enables. We can really create commercial systems that kind of transform the way that gamers, game developers, digital creators can collaborate,” Laskey said.

Unbounded Enterprise also recently teamed up with BSV wallet HandCash to create Duro Dogs, the “official pet of the metaverse.” It is built on the NFTY Jigs platform atop the RUN token protocol.

“We’re really excited. So, Duro Dogs is a digital pet game and we called [it] the ‘official pet of the metaverse’… You’re gonna be able to train your dog, grow with your dog, explore new places, find items, interact with third party creators to really create the dog—the digital pet dog that you always wanted or maybe you don’t realize you always wanted,” Laskey said.

Laskey added what he and his team are going after for Duro Dogs is to enable game developers and digital goods creators to collaborate and create a metaverse experience with the pet game. “We want your dog not to just work with the game we’re releasing this fall but to work in thousands or tens of thousands of games across time. We think that is kind of the key to not only [meet] our success in the [Unbounded] Enterprise, but the success of BSV. I think we need to use BSV to create experiences that are better, bigger, cooler more than what’s possible without it. I think this is one path to doing that,” he said.

How would Laskey describe the metaverse? Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting component of what metaverse will look like, he said, noting that the metaverse is characterized by the emergence of the console.

“VR seems to be really exciting to me. I think there’s a future for Duro Dogs in the VR/AR space, but I think what it’s more characterized by then is the kind of emergence of the console itself, “ Laskey said. “It’s not only seeing what it is to experience but the scale of experience. And that scale I think, is the important part as well as the elusive part today because, without a platform that can scale payments, it’s really hard to scale commerce in a way that facilitates the creation of something as big as the metaverse.”

What would he want the people to know about gaming on the BSV? Instead of answering the question, Laskey tells the audience how gaming could be the future of the BSV.

“I think that gaming is gonna take us mainstream. That means if you wanna be a part or be a contributor to this ecosystem, I think gaming is a fantastic place to make that kind of impact—both with creating games but also creating assets that can be used inside of games. Maybe you’re an animator, an illustrator, a musician, a site engineer, or developer, whatever it might be, there’s a place in NFTY Jigs and also across our partners like HandCash and Haste Arcade where I think creating a game is a great way not only [to] make money using BSV but help bring new players in the BSV ecosystem,” Laskey said.

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