Duro Dogs

Slick, snappy and fun: Duro Dogs NFT pet game officially drops on BSV network

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NFT pet game Duro Dogs has officially launched atop the Bitcoin SV network. Users can get started for free via their HandCash wallet. By connecting the application at durodogs.com, each user will receive one, unique free dog, randomly generated based on an on-chain serial number.

Duro Dogs NFT Pet game
Source: Duro Dogs

Duro Dogs have various traits including fur, eyes, noses, and ears. Note that while ears are also randomly selected, they do not have a rarity chart. Dogs’ fur and eyes can be Common (90%), Rare (9%), or Ultra-rare (1%). Noses are only Common or Rare.

Duro Dogs NFT pet game
Source: Duro Dogs

After choosing a name, users can start interacting with their digital pet. You can get any number of additional Dogs for a 99 cents fee, payable in BSV. At first you can only pet your dog, but once they reach additional levels through gained experience, more actions are unlocked.

The first action unlocked after reaching Level 2 is Dig, where your dog can expend some energy in hopes of finding treats or an item (sometimes they find nothing!). Once Energy is expended, users must wait for their pet to regenerate at a rate of 2 Energy per minute or feed the dog Treats to regain Energy.

This cooldown mechanic creates an addictive gameplay loop that will keep users coming back to interact with their pet and continuously searching for rare items.

Duro Dogs NFT Pet Game
Source: Duro Dogs

Various items can be found such as treats or equip-able gear for your dog. Any items found are also on-chain NFTs owned by the player. Of course, for impatient users, an in-game shop exists where treats, items and more can be purchased with BSV. Once a marketplace is available (soon) items as well as dogs can be listed for trading and be sent to other HandCash users.

I wrote about how this type of application could be huge for BSV back in September and after playing I still believe so. The game is slick, snappy, and fun.

Users being able to start and play for free is key, and the potential to earn via a marketplace should attract outsiders. Given the current NFT craze, NFTs with actual utility should extract some value from the dubious art NFTs that have taken the digital currency space by storm in 2021. As more applications that implement NFTs that can actually do something, (MetaBot, Cryptofights) as well as have art associated, value will necessarily migrate where it has flowed thus far.

That stated, Unbounded Enterprise must manage the game well such that the secondary market maintains value, or the game could collapse. In the age of ‘free tendies’ there must be an arbitrage opportunity for some players to chase to keep the game and market stable.

Lastly, such an application will demonstrate the scalability of the BSV blockchain. A reason exists why games like this struggle to get off the ground on other chains—because minting, interacting, and trading digital assets have such high fees. My Duro Dog was minted for only 530 satoshis, less than 1/10 of a penny at current BSV prices. The flexible UTXO model will allow users to hold as many digital assets as they like, without congesting the network. The question is not can Duro Dogs scale, but can they attract outside users to BSV?

Get your HandCash wallet today and start playing Duro Dogs.

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