Steven Zeiler and Derrick Horton

CoinGeek Backstage: Steven Zeiler and Derrick Horton

Episode five of CoinGeek Backstage has just been released on Streamanity!

In this episode, Kurt Wuckert Jr. chatted with Steven Zeiler, CEO of Anypay, while I talked to Derrick Horton, president of Anypay.

Making payment experience magical

Anypay has been around for a long time, and has a focus on making the Bitcoin payment experience magically unique, and as easy as can be. From being able to use your Bitcoin to buy gift cards at over 200 retailers, to being able to use Bitcoin at a merchant’s point of sale system, Anypay has given Bitcoin increased utility as a method of payment by making it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin and consumers to pay with it.

In the first half of the interview, Kurt and Steven discuss why Anypay focuses on the payment space rather than the enterprise data management sector, the places in the world where digital currencies are widely accepted as a payment method, and which group of people Anypay is most interested in helping.

In the second half of the interview, Derrick and I talk about the interest around merchant adoption and consumers using Bitcoin for payments as well as the philosophy around it.

Something that I find very interesting, and important, about the work that Anypay does, is that they have truly created a Bitcoin economy. Anypay is looking to create solutions for people who use their digital currency to make payments, and merchants who are looking to earn, keep, and spend the digital currency they receive for their service. The Anypay team is less interested in creating solutions that allow individuals to earn Bitcoin and then immediately cash that Bitcoin out for fiat.

YouTube video

You can learn more about the Anypay team and their mission in the latest episode of CoinGeek Backstage.

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In the CoinGeek Backstage series, Kurt and I interview many individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem and go behind the scenes to learn more about what they are working on, why they are working towards solving that problem, and how Bitcoin plays a role in their solution(s). 

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