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Here’s how Anypay makes it easier for merchants to accept digital currency payments

Anypay has once again made it easier to pay your favorite merchants in Bitcoin.

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Now that Anypay has been integrated into the Acadia POS system, merchants can seamlessly accept digital currency the same way they accept debit and credit cards; and digital currency users can pay by simply scanning a QR code.

“It used to be that the cashier had to open up a separate device, punch in the amount to pay, print up a receipt for “cash-other” on their regular point of sale, write down the coin type used, then save that receipt in the cash drawer for the end of the night for final cash drawer reconciliation. What a nightmare,” said Anypay President Derrick Horton.

He explained, “[You] tell the cashier you want to pay in bitcoin. A QR code appears on the credit card reader. You can pay *the same QR code* with HandCash, Centbee, SimplyCash—even other currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and BTC. Since Anypay uses the payment protocols (Bip270, Bip70, JSON, etc), you know that when your wallet sends, the payment is complete. The cashier instantly gets the same notification on their screen that they would when a credit card payment is complete. Only it happens even faster, and settlement is instant.

From the cashier’s end, all they have to do is tap: “Anypay” and wait. Once the customer makes the payment, their screen turns into a receipt printing page, the same as it does with credit cards.

From the customer’s end, all they have to do is scan and pay with their favorite wallet.”

Because the Acadia Point-of-Sale system has integrated Anypay, merchants that use the Acadia POS can accept digital currency payments at the touch of a button. The Acadia POS is digital currency compatible right out of the box. All a merchant needs to do is create an Anypay account and link their system via email or API key, and as soon as they have done that they will be able to accept digital currency payments. From start to finish takes five minutes or less and zero technical skills, just copy and paste and you’re done.

“Acadia POS enjoyed collaborating with Anypay on this integration,” said Ben Leviton, the CEO of Acadia POS. We look forward to rolling this out to our current merchant base to spread crypto adaption[sic] for retailers and restaurants at this point of sale.”

Anypay is one of the most forward-thinking companies in the digital currency for payments sector. The team at Anypay has a tendency to make the payments experience magical and puts a lot of thought and energy into giving individuals who offer a valuable service an onramp to accepting digital currency—and individuals who like to spend their digital currency, an easy way to accomplish that.

If you are a merchant that is interested in accepting digital currency for your goods and services, the Acadia POS is the easiest digital currency compatible POS system to use in the United States. You can find all the information you need to get up and running with the Acadia PoS on Anypay’s website.

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