You can buy 200+ gift cards with BSV via Anypay’s Pow.Cards

You can now spend your Bitcoin (BSV) at over 200+ retailers thanks to Anypay’s new offering; Pow.Cards.

On Pow.Cards, you can buy gift cards to over 200+ retailers with your Bitcoin, which might just make Pow.Cards the easiest way to spend your Bitcoin at retailers you frequently shop with such as American Airlines, Target, Home Depot, Hulu, and more.

“Business owners always say to us, ‘Okay, I will accept bitcoin, but what can I do with it?’ Sure, they can use it to post on Twetch, which is great, but in order for it to make sense for their business, they have to be able to turn that revenue around and use it to grow their business. Now retailers earning BitcoinSV can do that,” said Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler.

“In the past, the answer was always something like, ‘You can sell it on an exchange for dollars and lose a bit of money in the process.’ Now they can keep 100% of their earnings and actually do something useful and familiar, not weird and new.”

Pow.Cards gives individuals who earn or hold Bitcoin the perfect way to spend their BSV. Instead of hunting down a retailer that accepts BSV, bartering with a friend, or exchanging your BSV through a money market, Pow.Cards gives everyone a way to spend their Bitcoin; and with a large pool of retailers, you are more than likely to find a retailer that you frequently shop at.

Which wallets support Pow.Cards?

“Right now people can buy gift cards on Pow.Cards or in RelayX,” said Anypay president Derrick Horton. “The minimum [amount you can buy a gift card for] is $5, [and] the max is $2000 per day per person (per paymail).

Why you should integrate Pow.Cards

Every wallet provider should make their wallet Pow.Card compatible. At the moment, several Bitcoin wallets only allow their users to send/receive Bitcoin as well as use their Bitcoin on Bitcoin-based apps like PowPing and Twetch. However, giving wallet users a reason to spend more time in-app is a win-win for every party involved. 

“Wallets can benefit their users by giving them easy access to major retailers directly in their app…That way, wallets have a compelling reason for users to stay in their app,” said Horton.

“Users can receive, buy, send, and spend, all from any BSV wallet that wishes to add gift cards to over 200+ Premium Brands. Right in their wallet. The digital gift cards are tokenized on-chain and encrypted with your paymail. So if you lose your phone? No problem. Type in your seed phrase and boom. All your gift cards are back.”

Are you a wallet service provider that’s interested in integrating Pow.Cards into their wallet? If so, you are in luck.

“Pow Cards API is completely open, so anyone can implement Pow Cards directly into their wallet right now with a few lines. They can customize the UI however they like to fit their wallet aesthetic,” said Horton.

You can find the full Pow.Cards API documentation at and can learn more about Anypay, as well as reach out to the Anypay team, at 

Anypay is continually making the Bitcoin for consumer payments experience magical and as frictionless as possible. I look forward to all of the future products that come from the Anypay team and look forward to seeing more wallet providers in the Bitcoin ecosystem integrate Pow.Cards.

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