CambrianSV Lisbon: Craig Wright drops in unannounced

YouTube video

Just when they were settling into the routine of their carefully planned schedule, the participants of CambrianSV in Lisbon received a surprise from the bootcamp organisers.

It was after lunch, which had been enjoyed at the steak restaurant next door. Ryan X. Charles of Money Button was launching into a session he was chairing, under the formidable title, ‘Why is SPV (simple payment verification) important and what are the different implementation approaches?’

The only clue to what was about to happen was the empty chair to Ryan’s left. Had a panelist dropped out? Was someone still finishing their coffee and dessert in the restaurant?

Suddenly, without any fuss, the best-dressed man in the room strode in unannounced. Yellow tie, red socks, three-piece suit. It could only be the man himself—or the men themselves—Dr. Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto.

The audience broke into a spontaneous round of applause. Nobody asked him what he was doing there or remarked that they hadn’t known he was in Portugal. Ryan just turned to him for his view of SPV and Dr. Wright answered as if he’d been sitting there all along and had been around since the start of the bootcamp on Sunday night.

For the developers, it was a bonus, and they enjoyed the chance to ask their own questions to Dr. Wright later in the afternoon, in a special edition of the CoinGeek Conversations podcast, to be published soon.

Today, of course, you can’t usually see Satoshi in such intimate settings. It’s a bit like the Rolling Stones playing unannounced at a small club. This was Craig unplugged—but far from underpowered: he answered questions for a couple of hours, and looked as though he could have done a couple more if it hadn’t been time for dinner.

Steve Shadders of nChain, of which Craig is Chief Scientist, was also on the panel that Craig joined. Steve took the chance to ask some detailed technical questions of his colleague. But earlier in the day it had been Steve addressing the group and taking questions from the audience. He was bullish about the prospects for new specialisms in the developer world, inviting people to get in early as experts on particular aspects of the new BSV ecosystem, such as scripts.

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