Michael Hudson explains how Bitstocks provides holistic banking experience with Bitcoin SV

Michael Hudson explains how Bitstocks provides holistic banking experience with Bitcoin SV

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CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero spoke to Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson on the launch of the company’s Gravity banking ecosystem, powered by Bitcoin SV.

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Michael Hudson, founder and CEO of London-based Bitstocks, is looking to revolutionize the banking system, by simplifying it for anybody to use.

Their new product, Gravity, is aptly named, as Hudson explained: “Gravity is really a design philosophy at Bitstocks, because Gravity is everything, but you can’t see it. So it’s delivered like it’s nothing. So the philosophy behind the Gravity system at Bitstocks is how do we provide holistic experience? How do we plug all the holes that we can see in cryptocurrency and deliver it in such a user interface that makes it seamless? How do you provide everything but deliver it like it’s nothing?”

Developing the product, Hudson said, required “moving away from the nerdy, geeky narrative around cryptocurrencies,” and to actual everyday application. “Let’s just use it. Let’s make this useful, let’s make this accessible,” he said.

And all of this innovative banking for current, joint, and business accounts, will be done on Bitcoin SV. Hudson said, “You now have the ability of a very similar simulated banking experience that we’re all familiar with, and you could then spend your capital, your SV, at any point in the world that accepts Visa or Mastercard just as you would a traditional bank. You could even freeze your values as well so you’re not subject to the volatility on the market. There’s just no excuse now.”

The product is designed to be used even by those who are unbanked due to lack of requirements demanded by traditional banking systems. “They now have access to a banking-like experience that isn’t just like the past and what we’re used to. It’s better. So this is I would say the thing I am most excited about. This would be… what I use on a day-to-day basis. So we’re very excited,” Hudson said.

Bitstocks has been accepting investments, which Hudson stressed was “not an ICO [initial coin offering],” but rather for securities. He said, “This is to be done on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, so Bitcoin SV network, and we’re looking for investors who don’t just have capital. If we were doing that, we would have done that years ago. We’re looking for individuals or companies who share a very similar perspective as to what Bitstocks is really trying to achieve.”

According to Hudson, it’s not just a matter of creating a successful business. In addition, “We want to help do our role in harmonizing what we call the tools of humanity, the internet, and the internet of money now, how we share knowledge, and how we communicate and establish value. And we want investors who can help us facilitate our immediate, short, medium, and long-term goals in this mission. Help make the world an amazing place for amazing products,” he said.

After the November 15 hard fork, Bitstocks declared its support for Bitcoin SV. As Hudson explained, his company’s decision was based on “logic.”

“It’s as simple as that. There’s so much distortion out there in the market. I don’t really go on Twitter. I don’t really solicit anyone else but my own discernment. So all of the decision-making processes at Bitstocks is we sit, we look at things, we see what our position is, and we solicit our own discernment,” Hudson said.

He added, “It doesn’t matter how controversial a statement is. It doesn’t matter how it might rally the masses up. The truth will always remain the truth irrespective of the light that’s shone upon it. So it’s just a question of time. In time, people will realize, this is like the Highlander: there’s only really going to be one. There’s going to be… a plethora of different tokens, but it all needs to denominate and derive from the one internet of money, and that’s Bitcoin SV.”

YouTube video

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