CambrianSV Lisbon: Working together for Bitcoin SV

YouTube video

The first day of the CambrianSV bootcamp in Lisbon gave a chance for the different teams of developers and entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and talk about what they want to achieve during the week.

The group heard about an impressive variety of projects as startup companies presented their ideas and discussed how they could collaborate.

The organisers of Cambrian are from Jack Liu’s Relay X team. Relay gave an impressive live demonstration of a new feature that allows the instant conversion of other cryptocurrenies into Bitcoin SV.

The theme of the week is interoperability. Darren Kellenschwiler says he’s had a “brilliant” response already to the idea of collaboration from other members of the group. “Some of the devs that are behind projects that I’ve heard about have come up with ideas that are just perfectly in line with my thinking.” Darren is determined to move fast, and believes he’ll be able to make progress on integration with his fellow Cambrian participants before the end of the week: “it’s been great”.

For Mark Wilcox of 21e8, Bitcoin SV is going to be the means of revolutionising the internet as a whole – by giving power over their data to individual users: “because you own your data on the blockchain, you can participate in a sort of negotiation with all the different blockchain data service providers, to give you a licence fee for your content.”

And for Jimmy Divine, Bitcoin SV is a chance to realise ambitions he’s long held for a computer game he wrote many years ago. He has always wanted to provide it with a revenue model and his new Games Cubed project aims to do just that, starting with his original tic tac toe game, but using that as the template for other games in future.

In the afternoon, Ryan X. Charles gave a workshop on Bitcoin script, with input from Xiaohui Lui via a video call. 

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