Joshua Henslee with the Women of BSV

BSV is legitimate, not fake like other chains, Joshua Henslee tells Women of BSV

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ERP and software consultant and Windbell creator Joshua Henslee recently joined Women of BSV to talk about his businesses, his Bitcoin journey hitherto, and more. Henslee said he first heard of Bitcoin in 2017, after which he joined the BTC tribe for six months before becoming a passionate BSV educator. What changed his mind? An interview of Roger Ver that he saw in 2018, Henslee answered. However, he said the final straw was reading the Lightning Network white paper that made him realize that BTC was never going to work.

He told this group of bright women that he created Windbell to incentivize human curation and take back control of feeds on the Internet, but things are in flux right now due to gaps in terms of integrations.

“Handcash has its own thing and so do RelayX and Sensible. I had different plans, but it is challenging to make them work together right now. And 99% of crypto is pump-and-dump as most users want apps that let them trade and make money,” Henslee said.

He also shared his thoughts about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) within the BSV space, saying that companies favor adopting blockchain technology, but misconceptions regarding scalability and credibility hinder the process.

“It is difficult because there is a disconnect between what is possible and what people think is possible. In terms of accounting, companies still use Excel spreadsheets while others use ERP. And like governments, most organizations won’t trust BSV because it is so transparent. We are unfortunately very far from mass adoption,” he told Women of BSV.

The most exciting thing in the digital currency space for Henslee is tokens. He said, “Tokens is where all the money is. BSV is not fake like other chains, it is legitimate.”

Henslee cited the BSV market’s understanding of tokens as a problem. Referring to Sensible as better than STAS, Henslee emphasized that Sensible is more efficient as far as fungible tokens are concerned. “STAS isn’t even public; Sensible and Run are. It is silly to me to see STAS gate away a protocol behind a sales call. This is not 1992 and it is an open ledger anyway. It’s a hurdle to adoption and nothing more,” he opined.

He stated that DeFi would gain traction soon, although overall gaming will get the most traction because that is where the money is, and that is where outsiders enter the BSV space.

The group asked him what he thinks is the main deterrent to BSV’s growth. He answered that low BSV prices and frequent negative media coverage are the main obstacles. 

“If a publication like Bloomberg reports that BSV is credible and narrates our complete story, that will get the BSV out of the negative media landscape. We only have one identity and apps are related to it unfortunately,” Henslee concluded. 

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