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The lay of the land banner on CoinGeek
Editorial 20 May 2024

The lay of the land

A lot has changed since Bitcoin's big split, with the year 2024 ushering a new era of technological supremacy, a clear transition from the gossip and chaos of previous blockchain events.

Hijacking Bitcoin book review
Editorial 30 April 2024

Hijacking Bitcoin review

The Hijacking Bitcoin started very strong, but Roger Ver failed to give a solution to bring the troops back together to take back Bitcoin from the small blockers, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

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Editorial 1 August 2023

A retrospective: The Bitcoin’s Big Split

Today, we remember the network wars and the struggles, and we celebrate the fact that amid it all, we are still here—celebrating Bitcoin's liberation from the control of the BTC Core cabal.

Business 13 July 2023

The Ordinals Nomads: Unifying the Bitcoin tribes

In this piece, Kurt Wuckert Jr. explores the concept of Ordinals Nomads and how their existence represents a bridge between the fragmented factions within the Bitcoin ecosystem.