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Lightning Network with dark background
Editorial 26 February 2024

The Lightning network is dying

Over time, the small blockers' narrative about the Lightning Network being a solution to scaling Bitcoin is proving to be untrue, as seen in the shutdown of custodial wallets using it.

BTC Sandcastles and the next civil war by Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 12 December 2023

BTC sandcastles and the next civil war

The changes in Bitcoin's original protocol, deemed "improvements" in the BTC community, were not significant upgrades but a mere diversion of what the technology advocates for.

CoinGeek Discussions Episode 18
Interviews 6 December 2023

What’s up with the blockchain space?

On the latest CoinGeek Discussions, hosts Zach Weiner and Alex Vidal tackle the biggest news in the blockchain space, the latest developments, and what guests envision to be blockchain's impact in the future.

Happy Big Blocks Day Banner from CoinGeek and BSV
Editorial 1 August 2023

A retrospective: The Bitcoin’s Big Split

Today, we remember the network wars and the struggles, and we celebrate the fact that amid it all, we are still here—celebrating Bitcoin's liberation from the control of the BTC Core cabal.

NFT nonfungible tokens concept
Business 27 July 2023

The economics of a free mint

“Free” mint is a concept in the digital currency space where users of various blockchains mint an NFT for only the mining costs of the transaction, but the creator earns no profit from this action.

Server configuration command lines on a monitor
Business 5 June 2023

BTC + LN is worse than shared IPv4 addresses

Advancements in technology have led to the improvement of IP-to-IP transactions, and one of the contributing factors is IPv6 and Bitcoin, which enable people to develop newer forms of transactions.

London Blockchain Conference Panel
Tech 4 June 2023

On-chain scaling vs layer 2 scaling: What are the differences?

In this discussion moderated by Kurt Wuckert Jr. at the London Blockchain Conference, industry experts zoom in on blockchain's ability to scale, the differences between L1 and L2, and the utility a truly scalable blockchain could offer.