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Editorial 21 June 2022

STAS protocol — Clearing up the air

STAS is the first generic token protocol to address all token use cases, given its reliance on native bitcoin script for token transfer conditions and satoshis themselves to keep the balances.

The essense of crypto currency
Editorial 7 March 2022

Misconceptions about Blockchain & Bitcoin

In this article, author Zeming Gao identifies and explains the common misunderstanding about Bitcoin and blockchain and how the technology involves a lot of concepts that are not easy to grasp.

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Press Releases 10 February 2022

SmartLedger announces strategic partnership with TAAL

The strategic alliance establishes a direct connection between SmartLedger's reach in the implementation and distribution of blockchain solutions, and TAAL’s capacity to support global blockchain applications through its STAS tokenization technologies and data processing capabilities.

Editorial 22 November 2021

Bitcoin tokens ahoy—STAS!

The token craze has taken off on BSV recently, and it is finally refreshing to see so many ambitious projects take advantage of the unbounded possibilities and scalability of the BSV blockchain.