Bitcoin VCs find unbelievable potential in BSV space

The Bitcoin SV space (BSV) has seen some of the most innovative projects ever built in the history of Bitcoin. The growing number of BSV projects has attracted venture capitalists who are seeking to find the next big thing. On the sidelines of the CoinGeek London Conference, they shared why they focus exclusively on BSV projects and how they evaluate their investments.

Jackson Laskey, principal at Unbounded Capital, believes that the BSV space has an unbelievable amount of potential. Despite this, the space has only attracted a few investors, he told CoinGeek’s Johanna Botta on the sidelines of the conference. This combination of opportunity and lack of investors is the dream for VC firms, he stated.

Unbounded Capital is always on the lookout for any project that makes creative use of Bitcoin SV, Laskey shared. He had some advice for innovators, “Know your business, come in at the right time, not too early and definitely not too late, and be yourself.”

Laskey had shared the stage earlier with some other VC heads where he stated that the traditional venture capitalist firms have dropped the ball in the digital currency industry. They have failed to back projects on the BSV network which can scale massively and instead backed those that promise a 2017-like price increase.

For Alex Fauvel, general partner at Two Hop Ventures, he looks for “professionals that know what they are doing.” And while startups in the BSV space are generally new, Fauvel prefers to invest in startups that are not dependent on the funding to operate. They should be able to sustain themselves regardless of whether they raise the money or not.

Fauvel started as an analyst at a digital currency hedge fund in the Netherlands. He was tasked with finding the best projects to invest in, with the fund having a portfolio of over 100 digital currencies. Since BTC had failed to live up to Satoshi’s vision, he was on the lookout for any other project that could deliver the Satoshi promise. This was when he discovered Bitcoin SV.

 He stated, “The choice of BSV was a simple one. When I first saw Bitcoin, I understood what it was supposed to be. The BSV vision is the same vision that I had when I first saw Bitcoin.”

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