Bitcoin SV investment firm Two Hop Ventures sees fantastic Q4 2019

When Two Hop Ventures began, it had one goal in mind. The purpose of the firm is to invest in developers working on Bitcoin SV (BSV) technology innovation and help Bitcoin advance while other projects remain stagnant. It has now released its first quarterly update, which covers most of the last quarter of the year, and things continue to look brighter every day.

Things got really interesting at the beginning of November when Two Hop completed its initial close. From there, warehoused investments that were standing by were transferred to the fund, beginning a process that will facilitate additional investment closings going forward.

The firm has also picked up some additional leading talent with the hiring of Jerry Chan. He is now a General Partner who will be based in Tokyo and Two Hop explains, “Previously Jerry headed the Crypto Strategy and Solutions division of SBI Group. His role in the Bitcoin Association and his past experiences at SBI and Goldman Sachs make him the perfect addition to our team.”

The Amsterdam-based company understands that BSV’s ability to manage large blocks and scale exponentially greater than other blockchains make it a prime candidate for robust development, as well as for enterprise operations. Two Hop is determined to support the best, most resourceful development projects in Bitcoin and is proving fundamental to the massive growth BSV is experiencing.

According to its corporate strategy, “Two Hop prefers to invest in strong experienced teams which take full benefit from Bitcoin SV technology. We do not invest in startups that use Bitcoin SV as an ancillary means of payment, do not have their own technology, do not have a POC, have a team of one member, have elevated compliance risk (e.g. gambling or trading), have a proposition which depends largely on network effects (e.g. social media) or capital intensive industries such as mining.”

Two Hop is always interested in hearing about new projects and welcomes developers to pitch their next big innovation. A word of advice for anyone wanting to present a project—keep it short, simple and to the point. This will have a lot better odds when reviewed than will a drawn-out dog-and-pony show. Check out our Bitcoin Ventures series to learn more about the importance of demo days, how to properly value your startup, as well as get some tips on how to pitch your project and secure financing.

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