Short BTC, Long BSV: Unbounded Capital launches new video series

Bitcoin started out full of promise, aiming to change the world. However, Satoshi’s vision was hijacked and corrupted and for years, it seemed like it was all lost. This was until Bitcoin SV came along, adhering to Bitcoin’s original protocol. In a new YouTube series, Unbounded Capital has delved into this and more, enlightening the world on why short BTC and long BSV.

YouTube video

The series dives into the origin of Bitcoin SV, laying down some technical background that includes a brief history of Bitcoin forks. And while the narrative from mainstream media has been on Bitcoin as digital gold, Unbounded Capital believes it’s much more than this. Bitcoin is a revolutionary database that’s public and immutable, opening up greater opportunities beyond financial transactions.

The series is meant to help those in the BSV ecosystem, and beyond get a better understanding of Bitcoin. Speaking to CoinGeek, David Mullen-Muhr, a principal at Unbounded Capital explained, “The goal of the series was to summarize our thesis as concisely, yet thoroughly, as possible. We’ve found that a lot of people in BSV have a hard time boiling down the thesis, and there are many angles you can approach it from.”

YouTube video

Unbounded Capital has been investing in BSV startup since its rebrand in November last year. The VC firm believes that businesses built on BSV’s blockchain have an edge over their rivals. In the video series, it looks at some of the practical applications of Bitcoin SV, including crowdsourced network intelligence platform UptimeSV and social media platform Twetch.

YouTube video

Already, the videos have racked up thousands of views, showing the hunger for informative unbiased coverage. Mullen-Muhr told us, “The response so far has been great! We’re really glad to see people sharing it and using it as a resource. We hope this is the go to series for people looking to explain bitcoin to their families, friends, and business associates.”

The series also looks at why BSV solely embodies the vision of Bitcoin, and with its market value being 50:1 vis-à-vis BTC’s, it’s grossly undervalued.  

“Unbounded Capital believes BSV is positioned to be one of the most consequential technologies and lucrative investments of the next decade. We believe this because BSV embraces the original design of Bitcoin as the groundbreaking innovation in databases.”

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